LinkBuddy Help

How does LinkBuddy work?

LinkBuddy automatically replaces your key words and phrases while you type with your designated hyperlink or text snippet.

  1. Create a LinkBuddy Account
  2. Create your key words and phrases with the corresponding hyperlinks/snippets in the dashboard.
  3. Download the Chrome Extension.
  4. Start typing your message in Gmail. Stop typing and LinkBuddy will automatically replace key words or phrases with your content:
LinkBuddy Demo Gif

What do I do if LinkBuddy is not linking my key words or phrases?

  1. LinkBuddy is designed to only insert a hyperlink or text once per keyword per thread.
  2. Check that the extension is installed in chrome://extensions
  3. Make sure LinkBuddy is in the on position. Compose an email and type something. The side panel will show. The link icon should appear blue (on).
  4. If still issues, then there might be an error in your syntax, such as an extra space or invalid URL. Go to the dashboard and delete the key phrase and make a new one.
  5. If still will not highlight your keyphrases, sign out from the dashboard and sign back in, then refresh Gmail.

Do I have to refresh Gmail after updating my key words/phrases?

No. LinkBuddy will automatically update with your newly added key words and phrases. You may want to refresh Gmail if you sign out and back in to LinkBuddy.

How do you use the LinkBuddy panel in Gmail?

After you start typing, you'll notice a tiny panel show in the inbox:

The blue link indicates that LinkBuddy is in the "On" position. If you would like to temporarily disable LinkBuddy, click this to turn it to the off position:

The red Cancel button underneath removes all hyperlinks created by LinkBuddy.

Why is the cursor jumping to a different line in the thread?

By default, LinkBuddy will automatically place the cursor at the end of the last hyperlink or snippet. It is best practice to stop typing after you type your key word or phrase, in order to allow LinkBuddy to link your phrase. However, you can also temporarily disable LinkBuddy from searching for key words/phrases by clicking the link icon that appears to the right of your inbox.

  • On position:

  • Off position:

Can I delete my Account?

You can cancel your Premium subscription, or delete your account altogether, from the account page.

Can I buy LinkBuddy for my Team?

Yes! Billing is handled through Stripe and is easy to manage. Please contact us at for more information on Team Plans.

Can I use LinkBuddy for websites other than Gmail?

Why not? Write us to let us know what you would like to see:

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